Beer Week is on its way!


Beer week is approaching soon, and we're excited to share our line-up of events with you!

Friday, June 2nd from 5pm - 7pm:

Firkin Face-Off with Yards: Prohibition’s Chef vs. GM

We’ll kick off our Philly Beer Week events with local favorite Yard’s, when our Chef Val Stryjewski and General Manager Amy Hartranft take part in a flavor face-off! Joining several of the fine brewers at Yard's, Val and Amy will choose natural ingredients to add an additional taste profile to one of Yard's signature beers. At 5pm, we will tap each firkin and YOU decide who wins. The first keg kicked determines our victor. A free T-shirt and Yard's Hoppy Lil Hudson pint glass goes to the drinker who kicks the first firkin!

Saturday, June 3rd from 5pm - 7pm:

Kickin' it with Our Neighbors

We'll feature Haze Craze - a collaboration beer between Love City Brewing and 2SP. We'll have a firkin to kick, as well as the beer on tap, and representatives from both breweries hanging out. We'll have some fun offerings from 2SP as well. Love City is a coming-soon brew pub that will be just up the street from us on Spring Garden.

Sunday, June 4th from 3pm - 8pm:

Pig Out! Pig Roast with Sterling Pig

Come join our swine-tastic open-air celebration of all things Piggy! Chef Val Stryjewski will brine a whole locally pastured pig using spent mash from one of Sterling Pig's beers. Meanwhile, Sterling Pig beers will be flowing and we'll be here coercing you into silly fun things like "Pin The Tail On The Piggy" and "Hey, Swing This Very Safe Plastic Bat At That Pig-ñata!" You'll see.

Monday, June 5th - All Day

Pans 'n Cans! Pies 'n Pints! Featuring Vault, Neshaminy Creek & 2SP

Pro Tap and Bufad collaborate to bring you a day of $5 cast iron personal pan pizzas and discounted canned beer (and a few fun drafts, as well) from our friends at Vault Brewing, 2SP, and Neshaminy Creek!  

Tuesday, June 6 from 5pm until ??

Single Varietal Cider Tap Takeover Featuring Wyndridge, Levante, Ploughman & Frecon

Every Tuesday at Pro Tap is Fried Chicken & Cider night. But during Philly Beer Week, we're getting crazy. Wyndridge Farms will be in-house providing several one-off single varietal ciders for our fried chicken pairing pleasure! There will be some single varietal ciders from Frecon Farms, Ploughman, and Levante Brewing, as well! The Tuesday chicken will be as we always do, and if you don't already know what that means, here’s the deal: Chef Val does a 24-hour house pickle brine with Lancaster free-range chickens, a 24-hour rest/dry, and then a 24-hour buttermilk bath. That’s three days of prep. But wait, there's more. We'll be serving half or full chickens with all those comfort foods you crave. And as usual, we strongly recommend you drink cider with your fried chicken. And lots of it. An apple a day, you say? We say that's not enough.

Thursday, June 8 from 7pm until 10pm

Urban Family Brewing

Come drink Urban Family Brewing's amazing wild beers and enjoy some of Chef Val's wild-urban foraged small plates. It's cute, we know.

Thursday, June 8th from 10pm until 1am

Interboro Brewing Late Night DJ

Jesse Ferguson of Interboro Brewing in Brooklyn is joining us for a late night Beer Week Double Header. Jesse (formerly of Other Half and Carton brewing) and Jason Miller (formerly of Bella Vista, now 31st & Wharton) will be DJing from 10pm until 1am and we'll have a few Interboro brews on tap and more!

Saturday, June 10th from 11am until 4pm

Cider Brunch with Wyndridge!

Join us for a special cider brunch and meet the brewers/cider-ers (it's not a word, we know.) from Wyndridge!

Sunday, June 11th at 6pm


Cocktail Clean Up & BYOV

Tired of beer yet?! We didn't think so. Come hang out while our General Manager Amy Hartranft whips us up some beer cocktails! Help her kick some of those still-standing kegs! We'll have a cocktail and snack menu making smart use of our Philly Beer Week leftovers - as we kick one keg, a new "up next" cocktail becomes available with the next, and so on and so forth! Philly Beer Week swag prizes for the drinker who kicks a keg! It's also BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl) night, and like any other Sunday you'll get 20% off your bill if you bring in your records for our star-back Jake to play so we can get groovy.